METAMORPHS in review

DanceArts United’s highly anticipated dance theatre performance METAMORPHS went down with huge audience reactions 12 & 13 September at Revolt Artspace in Melbourne.  The show ran for approximately 50 minutes of fast paced and highly emotive dance theatre, beginning with a selection of musings from the predominantly teenage cast, highlighting their thoughts and concerns, some humorous and some quite pertinent to the actors. The performers formed a line at the front of the stage, buzzing with electricity, uncertain of what was to transpire. With a shrug from a male cast member and an off-hand request of ‘I just want to dance’, the performance kicked off.

The work aimed at showcasing childhood behaviour, through the teenage years and beyond, their likes, their idiosyncrasies and their fears, a strange alien electricity flows through these youth, taking them through a journey of self-discovery and transformation.  The highly technical level of dance and the depth of maturity demonstrated was used to express a wide variety of story-lines and themes,  with the performers exhibiting a depth of emotion on stage that enthralled the audience and often caught them raw and off-guard.

Audience highlights included – E.T., A Place To Stay, Runaway and Lighthouse.

‘Here at DanceArts United we have a projected vision when training students. Developing and working with kids on highly stylised and narrative driven dance theatre is what we are all about. We are so proud of how our students took on the challenge of this performance as this type of theatre relies heavily on the individuals interpretations of our themes and story telling. As of 2014 this will be an annual youth company venture which is quite exciting as we believe this is where the future of dance lies. Once again thank you for your support. The audiences reactions have been wonderful!’ – Alfie Scalia, Artistic Director

METAMORPHS was a successful precursor toward the launch of DanceArts Production’s youth dance theatre company coming in 2014.  Auditions will be open to the public seeking high-standard dancers and performers age 12-20 with more information to be made available in 2014.

If you have anything you would like to say about the performance please feel free to use the comments section below. We would love to hear your feedback.

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