Photographer: Adrian Close

DanceArts United’s Performing Arts Academy was designed to create unique and interesting performers by drawing upon and developing the individual characteristics and strengths of our students. We foster an artistic environment in which our students feel safe, confident and artistically challenged.
Since its inception, DanceArts United has developed into its own artistic and cultural community.  This was an important motive for its origin and indeed has become probably its most defining characteristic. DanceArts United students can enjoy a family atmosphere where they can feel at home and free to express themselves artistically.

Through DanceArts United students feeling both comfortable and confident in their environment and amongst their peers, we, as an institution can encourage and promote their individuality.  This allows us to draw out the best of each student’s abilities.
Dance is great for confidence building and the teaching of discipline and focus.  This allows DanceArts students to achieve not just their best within the dance studio but also within their regular schooling and everyday life.  That being said, DanceArts United’s number one focus remains the dance, pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for the dance industry of the future.

The Casual & The Serious

Photographer: Adrian Close

DanceArts United performing arts school caters for performers between 3 years to adult.  We have an extensive and diverse range of class options for both the casual dancer and the part-time student. For the more serious dancers, we have the specifically designed Associate Training Programs packed with a wide range of training experiences plus, special training classes and performance pieces reserved for our Associate students.


Photographer: David Wyatt

Of equal importance to us at DanceArts United is the standard of our performances/productions.  Each and every one of our productions are unique and completely original pieces.  We are always looking to take the students of DanceArts United into new and exciting areas and methods of performing.  Through our yearly events we cover a full gamut of performances, from our mid year narrative pieces, to out cabaret nights, studio open days, competitions and of course, our high energy dance concerts “Curtains Up”.


OPEN DAY – Concert style fundraising event held at the end of Term 1

MID YEAR SHOW – Musical,Play or Dance Theatre piece, held mid year, roles determined by audition

CURTAINS UP – End of year dance showcase, held in December


A week long training event aimed at revitalising students for their coming year of dance.  External teachers and industry professionals are also brought in to share their knowledge and take workshop classes.
Held annually in January.

A chance for students to represent DanceArts United in competition. Also a great way to set personal training goals and present them on stage in Solo, Duo, Trio or Troupe work.

As part of the Associate Training Program DanceArts students learn a syllabus designed for their specific age group and levels.  After a 10 week period of training, DanceArts students perform for a panel of examiners and receive a written report on their effort.

In celebration of the year gone, DanceArts students, parents and teachers are given the opportunity to mingle at our end of year celebration at Galactic Circus.  This is an opportunity to look back on the year as well as to give recognition and award those students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and diligence.

* Possible other events include but not limited to showcases, demonstrations, charity functions and featured acts in external concerts and performances as well as cabarets.