DanceArts productions presents

DanceArts United presents Meta-Morphs-Cover-Image


By observing the incredible transformations of a selection of today’s youth, you cannot help but wonder at the miracle of their existence. What fuels them, what are their thoughts, and how ridiculously fantastical they make life seem. Here we reflect upon youth and the moments that change them forever.

Meta Morphs is a speculative modern day fantasy dance show acting as a metaphor for the power in youth’s potential and its impending influence on our future.

As a group of kids, lost in their own little worlds, worrying about the trivial and not-so trivial things consuming their insular lives, something in and around them begins to change. The atmosphere crackles with a strange and electric energy. There is a power that latches onto this unwitting group of young people with the ability to transform themselves and the world around them for good or for ill. Emotion-fuelled transformations deriving from the bizarre and the illogical and driven by wild unfettered imagination, lead this group to a future of metamorphoses and hopeful transcendence.


Revolt Artspace Melbourne
12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington
7.30pm Thursday 12 September to Friday 13 September 2013
Tickets $35 adults, $30 concession (incl bf)
Bookings: t: +61 3 9376 2115 or
DanceArts productions presents Meta-Morphs-Poster-FINAL

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