The Piper

It has been ten days since the adults disappeared and we, the children of Hamelin, are alone.

Set the morning after the events of the famous Grimmʼs Tale “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”, the children of the village awake to find that the adults have disappeared. Not knowing what has happened, the older children are left to keep the town and the younger children, from falling into disaster.

But, on the tenth day the mysterious Pied Piper appears and casts a spell of magical enchantment over the town, offering the children an alternative to their everyday duties. Now, no one can tell them what to do and anything they could want, they have. But it does not take the children long to realise that all things have a price. Are they willing to pay the Piper?

The Piper is a coming of age story; a story that deals with the exploration of what it is to be a child, the fragility of their worlds, and a child’s unwavering resilience. It is also about how the choices we make will affect the future of our children and that we should take some comfort in the fact that they are the worthy successors of our dreams, our hopes and our faith.

First performed at The Beckett Theatre Malthouse 29 June – 30 June 2010


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