Bubblegum Dreams

We all wish for sweet dreams to last forever.

Leyla Moody is turning thirteen.  A time to be showered in gifts and attention.  A time to be treated as an adult. Right? But when you have an older sister with a new boyfriend, a younger brother losing his grip on reality, and a serial killer terrorising the neighbourhood, what chance do you have?

This is a show about endings.  The end of the year, the end of the eighties, and the end of one girl’s age of innocence. Bubblegum Dreams is set in the fragile confines of a wistful and treasured memory and told through dreamy dance sequences,  musical segue ways and remembered or imagined dialogues.

As one era fades into another, we watch through the eyes of the young Leyla Moody.  Her eccentric fantasies range from irreverant childhood whimsy to family dissociation and an ever present dark foreboding predicting the bubble is about to burst.

First performed at Gasworks Theatre Friday 31 July to Saturday 1 August 2009

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