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Tom Kipper Audition

AUDITION: Tom Kipper & The Time Traveller

SUNDAY APRIL 10 – 9am till 1pm

Tom Kipper is a menace, he’s trouble, and as soon as he gets caught…well it aint gunna be pretty.

Lucky for Tom then that he just so happened to find (well…steal) a magical fob watch from an old antique shop. ¬†And now the watch has hurtled Tom back in time to the idealistic 1950’s where he can lay low and hide out, at least until things blow over…

But this is Tom Kipper and where he goes, trouble is certain to follow.

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2010 has been a big year in performance for us at DanceArts United and our CURTAINS UP performance is set to be massive. Not only have the students exceeded all our expectations with amazing performance runs in the studio, but the overall attitude within the school has never been better or more enriching.
I would like to make an extra special mention to the parents and students who have sacrificed their time in creating the magnificent costumes you see on the stage. This year, more than any other, the costumes are absolutely phenomenal. I would like to make a special mention of Anne McMillan, Nancy Waqairatu, Irene Taylor, Carmena Attard, Fiona Figliomeni, Naoko Salgadoe, Ellie Prodanovic, Jenny Theologidis, Jacqui Hourigan, Susie Close and Heidi Haifa and all other parents who have made a contribution. You have all done an unbelievable job and we as a school can not thank you enough.