CAST ANNOUNCEMENT: Tom Kipper and the Time Traveller

A massive congratulations to all students who auditioned for our mid year show.  This year’s raise in standard and the professionalism shown by all was well beyond our expectations.

Coming into this year’s auditions, students were put through an extensive process involving a singing audition, a dance audition and an acting audition.  From this process we were able to closely examine the footage taken from the audition and lock down what we feel is the perfect cast and a production that is going to far exceed anything we have done up until this point.

We are very excited for rehearsals to commence this weekend.

Please see below for your role.

Emma, Peni and Jordan acting audition


TOM KIPPER – to be played by Peni Waqairatu

PEGGY SUE – to be played by Grace Jirik

ME – to be played by Jordan Vu Abouzeid

I – to be played by Emma Roberts

DONNA – to be played by Bianca TaylorBoys reading audition script

CURTIS – to be played by Morgan Jones

SCOTT – to be played by Jarad Hogan

WENDY– to be played by Emily Buck

CALVIN– to be played by Spencer Cornwell

WESLEY – to be played by Max Franco

DALE – to be played by Sam Wilson

REGINALD – to be played by Griffin JonesZoe acting audition

VALERIE – to be played by Caitlin Hill

BETTY – to be played by Bridget Lorusso

JUANITA – to be played by Aleah Close

NORMA – to be played by Michelle Prodanovic

JEAN – to be played by Kimberley Haifa

CONSTANCE – to be played by Lena Cattarinussi

Bridget, Bianca and Grace acting auditionDENNIS – to be played by Tom Elek

THEODORE – to be played by Michael Kahans

MANUEL – to be played by Darien Close

CONNIE – to be played by Julia Franco

RUBY – to be played by Artemis Tsironis

ROBYN – to be played by Sofia Jobson

CYNTHIA – to be played by Selina SalgadoeBianca, Kimberley and Jarad dance audition

LORETTA – to be played by Yasmin Haifa

AUDREY – to be played by Sarah Cattarinussi

GWENDOLYN – to be played by Zoe Elek

* The Roles of Mr Catch the Shopkeeper and Mrs Kipper to be announced at a later date.

* A special thankyou to ADRIAN CLOSE for photographing the audition process.

Under 10 vocal audition
Director: Daniel RyanMichael and Yasmin acting auditionEmily acting audition

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