Bubblegum Dreams in review

That’s a wrap! After 6 months of rehearsals the BUBBLEGUM DREAMS adventure is over! And what an adventure it was! Never before have DanceArts United students conquered such a demanding and epic performance with such panache. 

Opening night was a smash with audience members laughing, cheering and gasping at the many exciting twists and turns presented to them in what was a wonderfully written and directed show by Daniel Ryan, it’s no wonder our closing night was a full house! 

Cast members delivered witty, whimsical and sometimes down right scary scenes and routines, choreographed by Alfie Scalia, with incredible professionalism. Their ease in being able to transform the MDC theatre from the Moody residence to the haunted house, from the dance studio to the park was impressive. Let alone the exciting delivery of their most challenging piece ‘Two Tribes’ where the audience was treated to  a fully fledged haunted house chase complete with ghouls and monsters and hidden passages where kids disappeared right before the audiences eyes! Needless to say, our audience was left  both exhilarated and anxious for the characters. 

Being able to showcase the fun upbeat side of the 80’s as well as the strange, brooding dark side with ease, made for an exhilarating and unexpectedly multi-faceted show to  witness.

Imaginary friends, creepy shadows, faceless children, transforming nightmares, moving walls, a crazy killer on the loose and a brooding teenager! Yes! That sounds like the 80’s we knew! What a trip! Every performer came into their own and established themselves in their art form and passion. Congratulations to all on a fantastic production, Bubblegum Dreams will leave an everlasting effect on all who participated and watched the show, creating long lasting memories which is what it’s all about! Let’s do it all again! 

To find out more about the production head to the Bubblegum Dreams website via this link.

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