DanceArts United’s Cabaret Night 2012

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Held on the 5th and 6th of November, DanceArts United’s Cabaret Night was a massive success with some truly amazing performances from all the students involved. We received so much positive praise, and some truly shocked reactions from audience members impressed with the talent on display.

Starting with the under 12 Associate student’s presentation of “9 to 5”, a 30 minute musical comedy piece set within an office. With some brilliantly realised and lovable characters presented by our under 12 associates (most of which are still around 8-10 years of age), the show was upbeat, and entertaining with the students demonstrating a natural understanding of comedic timing and pacing. It was wonderful to witness this young and talented group’s total commitment to their work and to show that they were able to present a piece on their own without any assistance from the older students.

The second half of the evening, entitled “Pieces”, was presented by the under 16 associate students. Each student was required to perform a dramatic or comedic monologue followed by a vocal piece ranging from heart felt ballads to loud, in your face, rock songs that best demonstrated an extension of their character. The under 16 associates succeeded on all fronts giving performances that emotionally resonated and demonstrated a growing depth and maturity to their work that proved that they are definitely turning into triple threat performers to watch out for.

With such strong audience reactions to our Cabaret Night as well as the impressive hard work and solid performances given by the students, we are excited and inspired to make DanceArts United’s Cabaret Night for 2013 even bigger and better!

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Photography by Adrian Close

One Reply to “DanceArts United’s Cabaret Night 2012”

  1. Alfie and Daniel

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performance last week. The under 12’s piece was really enjoyable and so well and smoothly performed by all of them. Rae loved being a part of it all.
    A great idea to give the under 16’s an equal spotlight to strut their stuff, every single one of them was a credit to you both.
    The fact they were all able to individually perform a monologue, sing and dance in one go, with such confidence, quality and maturity was amazing. I had no idea what to expect, and I know he’s my lad, but Max’s piece just blew me away. Very proud.
    Also great and thoughtful choice of songs, and some significant vocal talent in there, a couple of the girls in particular.
    I’m no expert but I thought some positive feedback is always appreciated.
    Naturally we will be purchasing the DVD of the night.

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