Welcome to the new DanceArts United newsfeed

Welcome to the new DanceArts United newsfeed and indeed our new website (if viewing at danceartsunited.com).  We hope that this will be a more interactive, social and easier to use service.
As it becomes available, all DanceArts news will be posted here immediately. You’ll also be able to subscribe to the DanceArts newsfeed, meaning you’ll be able to receive emails each time a new notice is released. If ever you need any information on current events or have a simple enquiry, then the website is a good 24 hour access point to find your answer.

As this is the first article it is a long one, especially since we’ve had such a big, exciting, revolutionary year so far.  The most important and major of those events would be the major change in infrastructure to become DanceArts United.  This change has allowed for a new, sharper focus in achieving our long term goals for the school and company as a whole.

Ignite The Dark | Photographer: David Wyatt

Another new initiative created this year by DanceArts United is the inception of our professional production company Ignite the Dark.  With its debut performance, an electrifying dance show named after the company itself, presented at the Malthouse Theatre.  The show had a brilliant run and has left a lasting impression of all those in attendance.  More news on upcoming Ignite The Dark events to be posted here.  Check out the website at www.ignitethedark.com.


Cabaret 2010 | Photographer: Adrian Close

DanceArts United itself has also had a massive year of shows, starting the year out with  a very successful Cabaret night held at the end of term 1, followed by an equally successful and entertaining Open Day, which saw the students performing three shows in succession to full audiences.
This was all capped off by our most ambitious Mid-Year show to date with our combined productions of Silent Is The Night and The Piper.  These were huge technical productions held in the Beckett Theatre (Malthouse).  The performance was very well received, and was definitely our most visually impressive show to date.  We are so proud of the students for pulling off such demanding performances.

A special thank you must go to Adam Wheeler (Chunky Move and Director of Second Toe Collective and Artistic Associate of Stompin’ Dance) for his brilliant performance as The Piper.

The Piper (featuring Adam Wheeler) | Photographer: David Wyatt

A huge congratulations to all students who participated in competitions throughout the year.  You have made us all extremely proud, both individually and as a group, by showing  massive improvement and in the professional manner in which you conducted yourselves.

Special mentions must go to Labibah Shaikh, Michelle Prodanovic and Spencer Cornwell, who were each selected by the adjudicator for the overall encouragement awards for the Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12 age groups respectively at the VPAC comps in September as well as to Griffin Jones with his impressive 1st place for his monologue at the Manningham eisteddfod for Drama.

Peni Waqairatu – Star Search finalist 2010

A further congratulations to Peni Waqairatu, who competed in the Highpoint Star Search Grand Final.  Peni made it through four rounds of performance to take his position in the top four.  This is a huge result and we are all very proud of him.

We are now looking toward our end of year “Curtains Up” performance.  The show is really starting to take shape and we believe it will well and truly be our best concert ever.

Keep up the inspiring work guys and see you in class.

Daniel Ryan
Director – DanceArts United

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