WEDNESDAY 4:30-5:30pm COMP TRAINING Alfie Scalia
  5:30-6:30pm PERFORMANCE TEAM Alfie Scalia
THURSDAY 4:30-5:15pm DRAMA Daniel Ryan
  5:15-6:15pm TAP Brenton Wilson
  6:15-7:00pm ACROBATICS Daniel Ryan
  7:00-7:45pm TECHNIQUE Alfie Scalia
  7:45-8:30pm STRETCH/STRENGTH Alfie Scalia
 SUNDAY 9:00-10:00am CLASSICAL Alfie Scalia
  10:00-11:00am CONTEMPORARY Daniel Ryan
  12:00-1:00pm HIP HOP Lee Odon
  1:00-2:30pm JAZZ Alfie Scalia
  2:45-3:30pm GROUP VOCALS Zuleika Khan

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