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Tom Kipper Audition

AUDITION: Tom Kipper & The Time Traveller

SUNDAY APRIL 10 – 9am till 1pm

Tom Kipper is a menace, he’s trouble, and as soon as he gets caught…well it aint gunna be pretty.

Lucky for Tom then that he just so happened to find (well…steal) a magical fob watch from an old antique shop.  And now the watch has hurtled Tom back in time to the idealistic 1950’s where he can lay low and hide out, at least until things blow over…

But this is Tom Kipper and where he goes, trouble is certain to follow.

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Holiday Workshop

For all of those interested in booking a place into our annual Holiday Workshop please make sure to express your interest by this coming Sunday December 5.

The Holiday Workshop is designed specifically as an opportunity for dancers aged between 3 – 18 years to try out the various styles of dance we have on offer here at DanceArts United and specifically for this year’s workshop, we are excited to announce that we will have a number of the cast members of the dance show IGNITE THE DARK and the international touring production of CATS the musical to teach some specialised classes. This is a wonderful opportunity for all students to learn from industry professionals and should not be missed.