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Alfie Scalia, Jazz mentor for Short + Sweet Dance

DanceArts United director and choreographer, Alfie Scalia, has been selected as the jazz mentor as well as a member of the awards panel for this year’s Short + Sweet Dance festival held in Melbourne at Chapel Off Chapel.

Short + Sweet is the biggest festival of ten minute theatre in the world with the dance component providing a platform for choreographers, dancers and directors to showcase their works, build networks and industry relationships and further the career of independent artists and companies.

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The Audition Experience | by Grace Jirik

When I found out the mid year show was going to be set in the fifties I was really excited. I was really looking forward to wearing fifties clothes and doing fifties style dances as they are generally very upbeat and fun to perform.
On the day of the Tom Kipper audition I was surprisingly nervous. It was held in the studio with Daniel and Alfie on the panel, but it felt very official. Everyone looked their best and it was fun walking around the studio in my audition clothes and high heels.