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Well done to everyone who auditioned for our end of year performance piece ALICE IN WONDERLAND. We had the best turnout we have ever had for a DanceArts audition and the standard on display always manages to shock and impress us.  It’s telling that it has taken us so long to finalise this cast.  In fact the entire show structure originally intended has had to be adjusted due to the impressive nature of the auditions.  Well done!

And finally the cast announcement:

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The Audition Experience | by Grace Jirik

When I found out the mid year show was going to be set in the fifties I was really excited. I was really looking forward to wearing fifties clothes and doing fifties style dances as they are generally very upbeat and fun to perform.
On the day of the Tom Kipper audition I was surprisingly nervous. It was held in the studio with Daniel and Alfie on the panel, but it felt very official. Everyone looked their best and it was fun walking around the studio in my audition clothes and high heels.

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Tom Kipper Audition

AUDITION: Tom Kipper & The Time Traveller

SUNDAY APRIL 10 – 9am till 1pm

Tom Kipper is a menace, he’s trouble, and as soon as he gets caught…well it aint gunna be pretty.

Lucky for Tom then that he just so happened to find (well…steal) a magical fob watch from an old antique shop.  And now the watch has hurtled Tom back in time to the idealistic 1950’s where he can lay low and hide out, at least until things blow over…

But this is Tom Kipper and where he goes, trouble is certain to follow.