The Directors

Daniel Ryan Alfie Scalia Directors DanceArts United



“Artistic expression has always been an important part of my life, whether that be through performing arts, visual arts, or writing.  But to me the most effective form of artistic  expression was through performing, particularly dance.  To use the body to express an idea or emotion just seems so honest because it communicates straight from the artist to the audience in a way that is universal, that can transcend language and cultural barriers through a form of dialogue that is both innate and entirely natural, body language.”Daniel Ryan, cast member of the Australian tour of Man Of La Mancha with Anthony Warlow and Caroline O’Connor, Australia/New Zealand/Asian tour of Saturday Night Fever, choreographer of FOX8’s The Singing Office, assistant choreographer and featured body double/dancer in the Mick Molloy film BOYTOWN. “As a child dance was everything to me. It was what I looked forward to most in my week.  There was a sense of pride that dancing was something I did well, a skill that I could show off.  That my friends and family would come and watch my performances and be impressed. This is the feeling I want to pass on to our students. The feeling of being unique and wonderful.”Alfie Scalia, performed in and co-choreographed the following, Australian tour with Meatloaf, supporting international artist Shaggy, TV performances on Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday, Live & Kicking and partnering Paul Mercurio on CH7’s TV turns 50, various film clips.


DanceArts United Pty Ltd was created with the intent to invest in the development of the individual dance artists within Australia as well as their creative opportunities. Through the ever expanding DanceArts United Performing Arts Academy and the dance theatre production company IGNITE THE DARK, the company continuously pushes creative boundaries by contributing to the diverse dance culture within Melbourne and Australia. DanceArts United Pty Ltd and in particular its in-house production company IGNITE THE DARK are passion projects for Daniel and Alfie.  Through investing in the youth of dance and narrative based dance productions, Daniel Ryan and Alfie Scalia seek to develop Australian Jazz dance through the development of both the individual artists as well as their creative work opportunities.

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