The Audition Experience | by Grace Jirik

When I found out the mid year show was going to be set in the fifties I was really excited. I was really looking forward to wearing fifties clothes and doing fifties style dances as they are generally very upbeat and fun to perform.
On the day of the Tom Kipper audition I was surprisingly nervous. It was held in the studio with Daniel and Alfie on the panel, but it felt very official. Everyone looked their best and it was fun walking around the studio in my audition clothes and high heels.
First up was vocals, we had to sing a song from the fifties that we had found and taught ourselves. It was really difficult to find a song from that era that was easy to sing and worked within the context of the show, but all of us ended up finding a suitable song, and, from what I could hear, all the seniors did a really good job with it.

Photographer: Adrian Close

We then went on to the acting part of the audition, which was the part that I was most nervous about because it is so important in a scripted performance. We read an excerpt from the Tom Kipper and the Time Traveller script, trying out all the different roles.
While we waited in the back studio for our turn, everyone was really excited and jittery. It was really hard to keep quiet.
Almost everyone tried out each role and did really well acting the parts. We then did a little bit of improvisation in groups. We were given a situation and had to act out the scene, improvising our dialogue.
For the most part we couldn’t stop laughing, which was probably very unprofessional, but it was really fun.
Afterwards Bridget, Emily and I had to learn a song and perform it in front of Alfie and Daniel. We didn’t have that much time to learn it so it felt very much like a professional audition. The song was very high and I was worried my voice was going to break while I was singing it, but I think it went pretty well.
The whole day was fantastic. It was really good to experience the audition process in the comfort of the studio so that in future auditions I will feel confident. It was also a really fun day and we had some good laughs.
We were told that the roles would be announced in two weeks time, which was after the holidays. I was anticipating the announcement everyday of the holidays, and was checking the website just in case they decided to make the announcement early. Finally the roles were posted on the website and I was really happy with the role I got.

Photographer: Adrian Close

Peggy Sue is my character and I’m looking forward to playing her.
So far the show is really coming together and looking great. Rehearsals have been fast paced and the best bit is seeing results. Everyone involved has been working hard and I think the show is going to be one of the best yet.

Article written by Grace Jirik, DanceArts United Senior Associate student

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