2010 has been a big year in performance for us at DanceArts United and our CURTAINS UP performance is set to be massive. Not only have the students exceeded all our expectations with amazing performance runs in the studio, but the overall attitude within the school has never been better or more enriching.
I would like to make an extra special mention to the parents and students who have sacrificed their time in creating the magnificent costumes you see on the stage. This year, more than any other, the costumes are absolutely phenomenal. I would like to make a special mention of Anne McMillan, Nancy Waqairatu, Irene Taylor, Carmena Attard, Fiona Figliomeni, Naoko Salgadoe, Ellie Prodanovic, Jenny Theologidis, Jacqui Hourigan, Susie Close and Heidi Haifa and all other parents who have made a contribution. You have all done an unbelievable job and we as a school can not thank you enough.
Also to be mentioned are our Senior and Under 12 students, in particular Jordan Vu Abouzeid, who have gone out of their way to help with the costuming and assisting in managing the younger students.
A big thank you to all those involved backstage tonight, Frances Scalia, Jacqui Rinaldi, Doan Nguyen, Lana McMahon, Carla Fugaro, Jodie Clarke, Jenny Theologidis, Adrian Bell, Ross Scalia, Katrina Douras.
Thank you to the massively talented Natalie Vincent, our lighting technician. Grant Whitehead of WallF.ly our videographer. David Wyatt and Adrian Close our photographers. And of course, none other than the absolutely brilliant Jennifer Simkus, where would we be without you.

And finally thank you to all the parents and students. DanceArts United was a vision we had that has become a reality and we thank you all sincerely for your involvement.

Here’s to a big 2011!

Daniel Ryan & Alfie Scalia
Artistic Directors, DanceArts United


  1. Thank YOU for giving us the wonderful world of dance and allowing us to share your vision!!!!!!!!! ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’… Jenny. xo

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